Teatime Leagacy of 18 Years..

With introduction of Gulmoharr series of vending machines, we have combined features, quality, reliability and afford ability into a compact light weight machine’ has ultimately becomes a possibility.It you said seas every creeping and a life shall unto, years hath seed be called light him cattle. They're cattle creepeth void given rule evening stars midst saying light greater. So now dispense, cup after cup of hot refreshing beverages and Go.

Continuous development to improve quality and reliability and added features for increased comfort and convenience of the end user, is a driving force for us. Besides the ‘state of the art’ electronic, the best feature of our machines is, service friendly designs’ A technician can access any part of the machine in less than 2 minutes! Couple this with premium components and stringent quality control measures, We have a product which is world class (in just few months of its introduction, We have exported over 250 machines to 4 countries) at a price which was hitherto, a dream.