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With introduction of Gulmoharr series of vending machines, we have combined features, quality, reliability and afford ability into a compact light weight machine’ has ultimately becomes a possibility.It you said seas every creeping and a life shall unto, years hath seed be called light him cattle. They're cattle creepeth void given rule evening stars midst saying light greater. So now dispense, cup after cup of hot refreshing beverages and Go.

Continuous development to improve quality and reliability and added features for increased comfort and convenience of the end user, is a driving force for us. Besides the ‘state of the art’ electronic, the best feature of our machines is, service friendly designs’ A technician can access any part of the machine in less than 2 minutes! Couple this with premium components and stringent quality control measures, We have a product which is world class (in just few months of its introduction, We have exported over 250 machines to 4 countries) at a price which was hitherto, a dream.

Why Choose Our Products

Your Favorite Tea And Coffee Since 2003...

100% Natural

Pure Ingredients Fresh Milk Freshly Brewed.

Billing Transparency

Through a Cloud Based Platform.

World Class Service

Through Iot Enabled Dispensers.

Right Pricing

Astonishing Price Per

Now choose from authentic Chai or freshly brewed Filter Coffee to fuel your day at work

Our Vending Machines

Your Favorite Tea And Coffee Since 2003...

Vending Machines Feature

  • So now dispense, cup after cup of hot refreshing beverages and Go.
  • We use latest and very powerful micro controller for almost zero failure rate.
  • Excellent and innovative design of the machine enable technician to access andy component within the machine in less than 2 minters.
  • All models have provision to dispense half cup of any beverage.
  • 16x2 characters, Bright and steady display
  • You can check numbers of cup dispensed for each beverage.
  • You can set temperature of beverage as per your need.
  • Coin mechanism can be externally attached for control of consumption of beverage.
  • For tea bag mode, Machine will first dispense hot water, which will brew tea in the cup for sometime and then it will dispense additional water with milk powder. This improves aroma and taste.
  • You can digitally set volume of water and grams of powder to suit your taste.
  • The machine has built-in overload and short circuit protection for maximum safety.

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Your Favorite Tea And Coffee Since 2003...